Outside the US and SRRC, the DJI FPV Drone is restricted to 25mw or 14dbm in the 5.8 ghz band and 100mw or 20dbm in the 2.4 band.
Our software sends an unlock code to your DJI FPV Drone which unlocks the full 31.5 dbm 1412mw in 5.8ghz & 2.4ghz bands.

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D3VL is a software solutions company offering bespoke solutions to problems that would normally go unresolved, with over 35 years of combined experience we find solutions to problems big or small, with many of our team having a passion for Drones and FPV it seemed only right to pursue a solution to the latest irritant within the community, the DJI FPV Drones 25mw Restriction.

Don't be restricted

With an unlocked DJI FPV Drone - range & signal will be significantly increased. Giving you the flexibility to fly without the worry of a failsafe.

Is this safe?

The unlock is performed with a simple command, making the DJI FPV Drone think it's in the US removing the range restrictions on your DJI FPV Drone

How much does it cost?

B3YOND is completely free! Though, if you found this useful, you can

Before And After

Frequently Asked Questions

No The software simply sends a command to your DJI FPV Drone that will change its region to US, unlocking full radio power on the drone, no permanent modification is made. Connecting your drone back to DJI Fly App will reset the location on your DJI FPV Drone to its default, you can reapply the modification at anytime by visiting this page.

No The modification makes no permanent change to your DJI FPV Drone. Connecting your drone back to DJI Fly App will reset the region on your DJI FPV Drone to its default.

Yes The DJI FPV Drone will be unlocked from 25mw to a staggering 1412mw, Substantialy increasing the range, reliability and signal penetration through objects of your DJI FPV Drone.

No The only change made to your DJI FPV drone is the region, increasing the output power of the Transmitters, no other changes are made to your DJI FPV Drone

Yes We strongly believe in paying it forward, You've already spent alot on your new DJI FPV Drone, Why should you have to pay more just to be able to use it to it's full potential?
If our software helped you you can make a donation with the button below, This helps encourage us to make more great software and release it for free for all to use.

  • Ensure you are running Chrome version 89 or Edge version 89 or above
  • Restart your web browser
  • Follow all the steps in the guide exactly
  • Reconnect your DJI FPV Drone
  • Ensure your Drone/Goggles have at least 50% charge

You can now find B3YOND on Google Play!
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Not to worry! We have a windows native app you can download here!
We wanted to release an app for Mac too, however, there's an insane amount of hoops to jump through with them just to allow an end user to install it!
For the minute, we recommend using the latest chrome on Mac if possible!

Sure! We've built a handy little snippet that will allow you to embed our unlocker on your website!

Great! We're glad we could help!
Don't forget, developers run on caffine... help us create more awesome tools

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